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Words have always fascinated me. As a child I got lost in books. I read and read until there were no more books available to me. I discovered how powerful words can be. When it’s in its right context. When the story is told in a way that just makes perfect sense to the reader. I started to explore it myself, writing stories, essays, articles, novells – everything and I just loved it. The words just came so easy to me. And I got lost in writing.

Today writing is my profession. I work as a UX writer (but my job title could also be content designer, product writer or content strategist). I use words to design user flows, to make a user be able to fulfill a task. I use words to guide the user, sometimes with a soft, friendly and discreet voice. Sometimes the bigger words are needed, to add some humor, empathy or attention. A great story needs variation. 

I’m a writer but I’m not only writing. In my daily work I do research, planning, documenting and testing. To me it’s all about finding the right words for the right context. Otherwise words are losing their power, and become those words someone told you nobody will read.